Low Vision


What is NuEyes?

Wearable technology is the future and NuEyes Smartglasses bring the future to you in a small, compact yet powerful head worn device.

NuEyes finally makes it possible for those with visual impairments to connect with loved ones and others without always having to use a big clunky machine. Our removable visual prosthetic helps the visually impaired see again while keeping their hands free.

What is NuCall?

NuCall uses the most secure voice and video calling technology that does not require the doctor or patient to download any software, meaning no data remains on the device.

Simply send An SMS without revealing your number and start a video call in seconds from any device. No PHI recorded, no data stored!

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If you have vision insurance, we're happy to provide you with an itemized receipt that you can send to your provider with your reimbursement form. You'll need to fill out the appropriate insurance claim form and mail the form along with your itemized receipt directly to your provider. 

The NPI Number for NuEyes is 1184270746 


For any inquiries, questions or to request a brochure, please call: 800.605.4033 or fill out the following form

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